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On this page you will know where Resolution 365 takes place and the cost of participating at a session.

“Resolution 365” is a course designed to be delivered in a classroom where the trainer is in contact with the participants and is meant to last for minimum 1 hour or maximum 3 hours. Hence it requires minimum logistics and funding to take place.


Where is the course delivered?

The Upcoming Events page on this blog provides the list of venues at which the course will take place. Read that page to find detailed information on the session of your choice. I encourage you to subscribe to this blog as detailed posts about upcoming sessions will be published. Have a look at the various subscription options.

I like to travel to meet new people, to discover new cultures, and learn from others. Don’t hesitate to send me an « invitation to train » in your Organisation (Government or non-government), village, town or country to deliver this course. Contact me.


What is the cost of attending the course?

The participation fee at a session depends on the Organisation hosting the course. If the Organisation has sponsors, it may not impose a high participation fee. Contact me to sponsor « Resolution 365 » to cut down the individual participation fee for the members of your Organisation.

Check out for upcoming training events.

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